Kingaroy Christian Fellowship

 Shining the light from His Word


We are a Bible believing church inwhich our
preaching from Gods word centres around the Gospel and the person of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour.
Our worship is centred on the hymns of the faith and our practises are Biblical and Baptistic. We believe and practise that a person should identify with Jesus Christ by being Baptised as a Believer after Salvation which is by grace.
Our faith is in the inerrancy of the King James Bible, Gods Word.


Foundation Bible classes

Wednesday nights we have our Foundation Bible classes.  Our wednsday nights may change due to school holidays.



Basic Discipleship classes

These classes are the bibical starting line for each beleiver and the coarse ahead. To often beleiver’s start their Christian life only to discover the footing under them wasn’t the right one, in the first place becuase no one had shown then from the Bible where to start. We offer these classes so each beleiver’s faith can be strengthened and settled.


 Our Services...

Sunday 9:30 am: Main service.

                Sunday school 9:30am

Foundation Bible classes 6:30 pm Wednesday.

Basic Discipleship classes are Saturday 10:00 am

Please Contact our Pastor for information concerning:
Biblical counselling. 
Marriage and Marriage counselling.
Bible Training College
Ph 0400094086 /church@kcf1611.com.au.

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