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…thy word is truth


We are a Bible believing church inwhich our
preaching from Gods word centres around the Gospel and the person of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour.
Our worship is centred on the hymns of the faith and our practises are Biblical and Baptistic. We believe and practise that a person should identify with Jesus Christ by being Baptised as a Believer after Salvation which is by grace.
Our faith is in the inerrancy of the King James Bible, Gods Word.


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We encourage you all to prayer and stay safe and healthy, especially for those who are on the front line. Our Sunday message will be uploaded to this web page, sermon audio and via dropbox each Sunday.

“The true and living God”

In the day and age we live in, it seems increasling hard to get believers back to the Bible. This series will begin with, 2 Corinthians 3:3 where we find the term the “the Spirit of the living God ”  We will start Sart in our Bible, the time before the captivity of Israel, the book of Daniel which covers the last part of the Old Testmanent and the book of Revelation which covers the last part of the New Testament. This will include “Daniel 70th week”.

The notes to these lessons will also be posted to our “Study page” Daniel 70th week…..Click on this link

  • We hope you stay faithful to this series as we believe it will build believers faith in Gods word alone.
Simon Moir

Pastor, Kingaroy Christian fellowship

Simon Moir

Simon Moir



Our services and classes.

We look forward to when we will all be able to get back to normal, so we can resume our usual services.