The book will change you

and you will change others.

Soldier on in 2021

Our  lessons are uploaded to our sermon Sermon audio page:(Bible Training College: Is now available on line, and will be offered as online courses for students or Pastor who want to further their study in the Word of God. 

Our courses are tailor-made to adapt with each students need in the study of being equiped in the word of God 2 Timothy 2:15.  Courses will be uploaded to sermon audio with the notes for each lesson. Courses will be offered to each student to eigther equip them in the word of God as belivers and Pastroal coarses for those in teaching or Pastroal rolls, in edifing the body of Christ Ephesians 4:11

Please contact us through our Sermon audio, by way of our contact page so we can assit you regarding the coaurse that may suit you.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Bible Traing College lessons will be uploaded to sermon audio with notes

Plan 2021  this year and take time to join us @ B.T.C

 The four “c’s” of scriptures intrpretation.

Context: Deals with the passage, chapter or Book where the scripture is found.

Comparison:  Allowing other scripture to give interpretation, so as to avoid private interpretation. “The exception proves the rule”

Conversation: Is all scripture is given to us, but it is not all for us.

Consideration or Conjecture. The pattern of Prophecy taught in the Bible, is that it is not fully understood untill after the event takes place.

Bible Training College

The book will change you and you will change others.

A personal note, the greatest and most rewarding thing as a believer was the opportunity to learn Gods word. I do pray that you will take the same opportunity through us.

Pastor Simon Moir

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