About Kcf


This page is an introductory  to give a brief explanation about Kingaroy Christian fellowship. “ Bible believing church.”
Many Australians today have a perception of Christianity which largely has arrived in the human psyche, by religion, traditions, denominations or movements. Unfortunately perceptions or preconceived thoughts which are not Biblical can lead to unnecessary outcomes and questions, for example, is there a Bible which is a final authority? Or who is Jesus Christ really? or should I even bother attending church? Or how to choose one.

At Kingaroy Christian fellowship, we consider ourselves to be distinctly Baptistic in the Historical sense, we adhere to the King James Bible as the word of God, the Deity of Jesus Christ, the Body of Christ, and the Second coming of Jesus Christ.

Our sole purpose is to teach and preach Gods word and provide opportunities for people to grow in their Bible knowledge and faith in Jesus Christ.

Sunday Services:  are for Adults and children. (All welcome)
Foundation Bible classes, (F.B.C) are on Wednesday nights, where we open the Bible and study it directly, we also work on our worship for the up coming Sunday.
Basic Discipleship classes, (B.D.C) are held on Tuesdays, which we cover directly related subjects to building your new life in Jesus Christ upon the word of God.
Bible Training College. (B.T.C) are held on Saturdays, these classes are designed to equip the student with the word of God.
Our Pastor, To know more about Kingaroy Christian fellowship, feel free to contact us or come to our service, or for a personal consultation.

Pastor Simon Moir